How to Find Someone's Email on LinkedIn with 4 Ways

How to Find Someone's Email on LinkedIn with 4 Ways
LinkedIn is a goldmine of opportunities. Playing a vital role in professional networking, it has become an essential tool for anyone looking to grow their business or climb the career ladder. However, sometimes, merely making a connection isn't enough.

Communicating directly with someone can make all the difference. That's where knowing how to find someone's email on LinkedIn comes into play!

Why Would You Need to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn?

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Imagine for a moment; you've stumbled across a potential client, a possible investor, or maybe a likely employer on LinkedIn. It's someone with whom you'd love to conduct business or work within the future. You're eager to make an impression and establish a more personal connection - apart from the standard LinkedIn connection.

An email conversation, in such situations, can be a game-changer. Not only does it help establish a direct line of communication, but it also paves the way for businesses to create a more targeted marketing strategy.

On the other hand, many people use LinkedIn sporadically and might miss your message among countless others in their LinkedIn inbox. An email bypasses this risk, ensuring that your message gets seen.

Also if you are looking for a job, emailing a potential employer directly can help you stand out from others.

All in all, establishing a personal connection via email can foster stronger professional relationships.

Is It Legal to Get Emails from LinkedIn?

The legal question surrounding email extraction from LinkedIn is quite a grey area. On one hand, public profiles on LinkedIn are just that - public. 

On the other hand, extracting email addresses for unsolicited contact could potentially fall foul of regulations, including but not limited to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or the CAN-SPAM Act, depending on your location.

LinkedIn's User Agreement clearly states: "Don’t copy, use, disclose or distribute any information obtained from the Services, whether directly or through third parties (such as search engines), without the consent of LinkedIn."

The clause might have been intended to prevent wholesale data scraping, but it's clear that LinkedIn wants user consent to be at the heart of any data sharing.

An email can present your vision in a more detailed and personalized manner. However, it’s crucial to use this power responsibly and ensure that any communication is meaningful, respectful, and not spam

Your goal should be to build relationships, not to annoy people.

How Can You Respect User Privacy While Obtaining Emails from LinkedIn?

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There's a fine line between making genuine connections versus invading someone's privacy or even legal implications. 

It’s essential to always approach finding emails on LinkedIn with utmost respect and professionalism. 

A few ways in which you can uphold user privacy are:

🔒 Express Consent: Obtain explicit permission if you intend to use someone's email for communication, especially if it's for marketing or promotional purposes.

🔒 Deliver Value: Your emails should offer some form of value to the recipient, not just serve your own ends. Irrelevant or excessive emails could be viewed as an invasion of privacy.

🔒 Transparent Intent: Be clear and transparent about why you are asking for their email address and how you intend to use it.

🔒 Uphold Confidentiality: Assure users that their contact information will not be shared with third parties without their permission.

🔒 Secure Storage: Ensure that you store emails securely to protect against potential breaches.

4 Ways to Locate Emails on LinkedIn

If a user didn’t choose to display their email address on their profile, you may want to look for other ways to find their email to connect with them.

While searching for someone’s email on LinkedIn, the guiding principle should always be to respect others’ privacy and use their information responsibly and ethically, with their full knowledge and consent.

Below are some common methods.

01. Direct Approach

A straightforward way to get someone’s email address is by directly asking them for it in a private message. On LinkedIn, it's essential to do this respectfully and professionally.

The key to this approach is to be honest and polite about your intentions. Keep the message short, friendly, and to the point. Explain why you want to get in touch with the person over email rather than LinkedIn. 

Respect their choice if they do not wish to share their email address.

02. Leveraging Email Search Engines

Email search engines or email finder tools like are designed specifically to locate email addresses online. They can be a powerful way to find someone's email, particularly if you are struggling to discover it through other means.

The best way to use these tools is to input as much data as you can. The more you can tell the tool, the better it will perform. For example, giving a full name and location will yield better results than just a name alone.

a screenshot from the homepage of, one of the email finder tools

03. Using Chrome Extensions

One of the simplest ways to extract an email address from LinkedIn is by using browser extensions, specifically for Chrome. These extensions simply integrate into your web browser and provide a seamless process to find email addresses.

Many of these extensions are easy to install and use, even for beginners. They provide the convenience of extracting emails directly from LinkedIn profiles or other web platforms. However, some might limit the number of searches without a paid plan, or they may not always provide accurate results.

For example Hunter is one of the most popular email extractor extensions provides several email addresses associated with a domain and verifies them.

a screenshot of Hunter, an email finder extension for Chromebrowser

04. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium subscription service offered by LinkedIn. It's designed for sales and marketing professionals and job recruiters who want to take their LinkedIn networking to the next level. 

LinkedIn respects user privacy and thus doesn't provide direct options to obtain someone's email. However, with the advanced search options, extended network access, and InMail feature, obtaining an email becomes easier. 

First, use the advanced search feature as per your requirement to find your leads. After you've identified potential leads, save them by clicking the ‘Save’ button on their profile. Saved leads get added to your 'Lead Lists.'

LinkedIn Sales Navigator landing page

You can make a soft introduction by commenting on your lead’s post or sharing their content before moving on to direct messaging. This step will help in building rapport.

Once you've established a soft connection, draft a polite, professional InMail explaining why you're reaching out. Include a respectful request for more direct contact information, such as email, if they're willing and comfortable to share.

How Can You Verify the Email Addresses You Obtained?

Email verification is a process that validates the authenticity of an email address. Before you hit the send button, it's crucial to verify your hand-earned email addresses. It’s not much use reaching out to what turns out to be an invalid or inactive email address. 

Moreover, routinely sending emails to invalid email addresses can harm your sender reputation, which can potentially lead to your emails being marked as spam. 

So, here’s how to ensure the authenticity of an email address: 

⚙️ SEOmator: SEOmator’s Free Email Verification Tool helps you optimize your email marketing efforts by validating email addresses in your list.

SEOmator free email verification tool

⚙️ Voila Norbert's Verify: Voila's verifier tool checks every email address to ensure it's valid and active, using multi-step procedures to protect your sender reputation.

Voila email verifier tool

⚙️ ZeroBounce: With a robust email verification tool, ZeroBounce can detect email abuse, spam traps, disposable email addresses, and more. It also offers the bonus of identifying the recipient's full name, gender, and location, if available.

ZeroBounce email verifier tool


Finding emails on LinkedIn can be beneficial. It enables you to prospect potential clients, to stand out in job searches, to foster stronger professional relationships, and to present your ideas or proposals in a more personal manner. 

You can find someone’s email on LinkedIn by using Chrome extensions, adopting a direct approach by asking for emails via private messages, leveraging email finder tools, and learning to extract emails from first-degree connections. 

After obtaining an email address, it’s vital to verify it. Verification reduces bounce rates, enhances email deliverability, and most importantly, upholds your sender reputation.

Of course, don’t forget your responsibility to adhere to user privacy rights and the legal boundaries that you need to respect.

Happy networking!

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