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What is Keyword Competition?

Keyword competition, often referred to as keyword difficulty, is a metric that illustrates how challenging it would be to rank well in search engine results for a particular keyword or phrase. It considers various factors like the number of websites already ranking for the keyword, the quality of the content on those websites, and the strength of the backlink profiles of those pages.

Importance of Understanding Keyword Competition

Understanding keyword competition is vital for a successful SEO strategy for several reasons:

  1. Prioritizing SEO Efforts: Not all keywords are created equal. Some are highly competitive with numerous high-quality webpages already ranking for them, making it more difficult to achieve a high rank. Knowing the competition level helps you focus your efforts on the keywords that you have a real chance of ranking for.
  2. Effective Resource Allocation: SEO requires resources — time, effort, and sometimes money. Understanding keyword competition allows you to allocate these resources more effectively by targeting keywords where they will have the most impact.
  3. Building a Strategic Content Plan: Knowing the competitiveness of your target keywords helps shape your content strategy. It can guide you to create more in-depth and high-quality content than those currently ranking, increasing your chances of outperforming your competition.

Impact of High Competition vs. Low Competition Keywords

  1. High Competition Keywords: These are keywords that many websites are trying to rank for. They often have high search volumes and are more difficult to rank for due to the established presence of high-authority websites. While they can bring significant traffic, they usually require more resources and time to achieve a good ranking.
  2. Low Competition Keywords: Also known as long-tail keywords, these are specific phrases with lower search volumes. Fewer websites are trying to rank for these terms, making it easier to achieve a higher rank. They typically attract less traffic, but that traffic often converts better because these keywords are usually more specific and relevant to a user's query.

The Need for a Keyword Competition Checker

Challenges of Manual Keyword Competition Analysis

While it's technically possible to perform a keyword competition analysis manually, it's a highly time-consuming and complex process. It involves analyzing the number, quality, and relevance of pages ranking for a keyword, the domain authority of the websites involved, the number and quality of backlinks, and more. Doing all these manually can take hours for just a single keyword.

How a Keyword Competition Checker Simplifies the Process

A Keyword Competition Checker is an automated tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of evaluating keyword competition. It analyzes all the factors involved in keyword competition and provides a competition score, saving you from the tedious task of manual analysis.

By using a Keyword Competition Checker, you can:

  1. Save Time: The tool can analyze keyword competition in seconds, allowing you to evaluate many keywords in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.
  2. Get Accurate Results: These tools use sophisticated algorithms to analyze a wide range of factors, leading to more accurate results.
  3. Make Informed Decisions: By providing an easy-to-understand competition score, these tools allow you to make data-driven decisions about which keywords to target for your SEO efforts.

In conclusion, understanding keyword competition and using a Keyword Competition Checker is a vital part of modern SEO. It helps to focus your efforts where they're most likely to have an impact, allowing for more efficient use of resources and a more effective SEO strategy.

Top Free Keyword Competition Checkers

1. SEOmator Keyword Competition Checker

SEOmator is a comprehensive SEO tool. It provides keyword suggestions, keyword competition, and also offers other SEO insights such as backlink data and top-ranking pages.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides comprehensive data, including search volume, SEO difficulty, and paid difficulty
  • Offers content ideas based on the entered keyword


  • Limited queries per day in the free version
  • Some features require a paid plan

Features and Competition Determination: Seomator calculates keyword competition based on factors like domain score, backlinks, social shares, and content quality of the top-ranking pages for the keyword.

SEOmator has also other keyword tools like keyword research tool and keyword density tool.

2. Semrush

Semrush is an SEO tool that offers deep insights into keyword competition. It allows users to find long-tail keywords and provides a difficulty score for each keyword.


  • Provides long-tail keyword suggestions
  • Offers a simple difficulty score


  • Free version has a limit
  • In-depth analysis and additional features require a paid plan

Features and Competition Determination: Semrush determines keyword competition by analyzing the strength of the top-ranking pages in terms of their on-page optimization and off-page SEO.

3. KWFinder by Mangools

KWFinder is a user-friendly keyword research tool that provides keyword difficulty, search volume, and keyword suggestions. It offers both a free and paid version.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Provides a detailed difficulty score


  • Limited queries per 24 hours in the free version
  • More advanced features are behind a paywall

Features and Competition Determination: KWFinder calculates keyword competition by looking at factors such as domain authority, page authority, citation flow, and trust flow of the top-ranking pages for the keyword.

How to Use a SEOmator Free Keyword Competition Checker

Here's a general step-by-step guide on how to use a free Keyword Competition Checker. For this example, we'll use Ubersuggest.

Step 1: Visit the SEOmator Free Keyword Competition Checker page.

Step 2: In the search box, type your desired keyword, and hit "Enter."

Step 3: SEOmator will display SERP according to the keyword.

Please note that the process might slightly differ between tools, but generally, they are easy to use and intuitive. Always ensure to use the data to guide your content and SEO strategy. It's not just about the competition but also about the relevancy and value you can provide to your target audience.

Interpreting the Results from a Keyword Competition Checker

When you use a Keyword Competition Checker, it typically provides several pieces of information:

  1. Keyword Difficulty/Competition: This is a score, often on a scale from 0 to 100, that indicates how challenging it would be to rank on the first page of search results for the keyword. A higher score means it will be more difficult to outrank existing pages for that keyword.
  2. Search Volume: This indicates how many people are searching for that keyword per month. Higher search volume means more potential traffic, but it often comes with higher competition.
  3. CPC (Cost per Click): This shows how much people are paying, on average, for a click from a paid ad for this keyword. While more relevant to PPC campaigns, a higher CPC can indicate high competition and high commercial intent.

To make informed decisions based on these results, you need to consider both your website's current SEO strength and your overall strategy. If your website is new or doesn't have many high-quality backlinks, it may be best to target lower-competition keywords initially, even if they have lower search volumes. As your website gains authority, you can start targeting higher-competition keywords.

Best Practices for Using a Keyword Competition Checker

  1. Target a Mix of Keywords: Don’t just go after low competition keywords. Try to have a mix of high, medium, and low competition keywords in your SEO strategy. High competition keywords are harder to rank for but can bring in significant traffic.
  2. Long-Tail Keywords: Pay special attention to long-tail keywords. They are usually less competitive and more targeted, which can lead to higher conversion rates.
  3. Consider User Intent: User intent is critical in keyword research. Make sure the keywords you're targeting align with the intent of your target audience.
  4. Regularly Re-evaluate: SEO is a long game, and keyword competition can change over time. Make sure to re-evaluate your target keywords periodically and adjust your strategy as necessary.
  5. Don’t Rely Solely on Competition Metrics: While keyword competition is essential, it’s not the only thing to consider. Look at other metrics like search volume and relevancy to your content and audience.

By incorporating these practices and the use of a Keyword Competition Checker into your overall SEO strategy, you can make more informed decisions about which keywords to target, helping you attract more qualified traffic and improve your website's visibility.

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