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Unlock the secret to higher search engine rankings with our powerful backlink checker tool. Get a bird's eye view of your site's linking profile, discover new opportunities for growth, and outrank your competitors. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to measurable results. Try it now and take the first step towards backlink success.

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Why SEOmator?

Explore the backlink secrets of your competitors.

Unlock the power of backlinks with our state-of-the-art backlink checker tool. Whether you're a seasoned SEO professional or just starting out, our tool provides the insights and analysis you need to optimize your backlink profile and improve your website's search engine rankings. With our easy-to-use interface and comprehensive reporting, you'll be able to quickly identify areas for improvement and take action to boost your website's performance.

Discover all your competitor's backlinks.

Discover your & competitor's backlink profile.

With our Linking Domains report, you can access a full list of the domains linking to your website. Use the SEOmator Backlink Checker to inspect the diversity of your linking domains and ensure that your backlink profile is strong and authoritative.

Remember, a strong backlink profile is built on quality, not quantity. It's better to have links from 100 diverse domains than 100 links from a single domain. With our powerful backlink checker tool, you can optimize your link-building strategy and build a backlink profile that drives traffic to your website and boosts your search engine rankings.

More details about the backlinks.

With our bulk backlink checker reports, you can gain critical insights into your website's backlink profile. Our backlink analysis metrics, including anchor texts, Domain Trust Flow, Domain Citation Flow, and Alexa Traffic Rank, help you determine whether your links are good and how they impact your search engine rankings.

But it's not just about your own backlink profile - with SEOmator, you can also explore your competitors' backlink profiles to gain a competitive edge. Could you identify their strengths and weaknesses and find opportunities to improve your own backlink strategy?

Refrain from settling for a weak backlink profile. With SEOmator's powerful backlink checker, you can optimize your link-building strategy and build a strong backlink profile that drives traffic to your website and boosts your search engine rankings.

Detailed backlink reports.
Backlink overview

Analyze your backlink profile at a glance.

Our powerful tool provides an in-depth analysis of the number of backlinks pointing to your website, the anchor texts most often used, the diversity and authority of linking domains, and the ratio of toxic vs non-toxic links. You'll get a comprehensive picture of your backlink profile and be able to make informed decisions about how to optimize your link-building strategy.

But it's not just about analyzing your current backlink profile - with SEOmator, you'll be notified of any changes to your backlinks, so you can react quickly and make adjustments as needed. With our Backlink Checker Tool, you'll have the data and insights you need to build a strong backlink profile that drives traffic to your website and boosts your search engine rankings.

Why do you need to use SEOmator's backlink checker?

Here is you can do with seomator.


Understand your backlink profile.

A Backlink Checker allows you to see which websites are linking to your site, the quality of those links, and the anchor text used. This information helps you understand your current backlink profile and identify areas for improvement.

Identify opportunities for improvement.

By analyzing your backlink profile, you can identify opportunities to improve your website's backlinks. For example, you might find that you need to build more high-quality backlinks to specific pages on your website, or remove toxic or low-quality links.

Track changes to your backlink profile.

A Backlink Checker can provide regular updates and alerts to changes in your backlink profile. This helps you stay on top of any changes, such as the loss of important backlinks, and take action quickly to address them.

Stay ahead of competitors.

A Backlink Checker can also help you understand your competitors' backlink profiles. By analyzing their backlink profile, you can identify opportunities to build high-quality backlinks that they may be missing.

Increase search engine visibility.

Building high-quality backlinks to your website can increase your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site. By using a Backlink Checker to improve your backlink profile, you can increase your website's search engine visibility and improve your online authority.
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