SEO Crawler

What is SEO Crawler?

Your web traffic and SEO rankings are determined by many factors. However, even if you have done everything right from having a killer layout, to figuring out the right keywords density to solid blog posts with quality content, you still might have trouble seeing your page rank increase. Why is this?

Even if you do everything the right way, there are still plenty errors that can prevent you website from being seen both by users and by search engines. Google and other search engines determine their ranks by the quality of content and how well a site functions.

What Exactly Does the Crawler Do?

Your website is its own network of different pages. All these pages need to connect to each other (and to the outside world) for both users and search engines to correctly see it. For example, if you create a new blog post and within it, you try to create an internal link to a page on your site and have a typo in the hyperlink then you will create a broken link.
If you are posting content regularly, it is easy to forget about checking all your links, but just a few of these small mistakes add up because it makes your site look disorganized both to users and search engines.

SEO Crawler Report

The Seomator Crawler processes the pages and internal links of the website within the service plan and provides a result of the crawl in the form of a table of the server replies with the appropriate codes. Put simply, it shows where the errors are and how you can fix them.

Fix the Pages with ErrorsIt all comes back to the errors. Sometimes these are not so easy to see. What the Crawler does is generate a list of the pages crawled with the server response codes to find broken links to non-existent pages, pages with the wrong response code server, pages that contain redirects to other pages and pages with other errors. In effect, you not only see the pages that are not working, but also the pages that are working well, so you know how to better tailor your website.
Broken Links
Canonicalization Errors
<a> without HREF Attribute
<meta> Outside ⁢Head
URL Has Non-Lowercase Elements in Path
Redirect to External Page
<a> Blank HREF Attribute
URL Location is Neither HTTP nor HTTPS
Underscores in URLs
Relative URLs in hreflang
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Here is a close look at Bannerfans and the creative automation market.

Code export
Custom domain
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GB bandwidth
Guest editors
Reason 1

Build visually, without code

Build your entire site in a visual canvas, with a familiar level of control and customization, in the Webflow Designer.
Meeting Requested
Nicole Cuban
Brian Collins
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No updates, no worries

With Webflow, there’s no need to update your software or manage outdated plugins. That means less time spent on DevOps and more time on.
Feature Title
Simple to manage
Reason 3

High-performance hosting

Webflow’s globally-distributed, AWS-powered hosting stack keeps your site running smoothly, making both site visitors and search engines happy.
Start automatically at system startup
Google Drive autostart

Manage all your clients
and designs in one dashboard.

THE Spring Features

Design editor meet dynamic content

Drag in unstyled HTML elements for full control, or use pre-built pieces for complex elements like sliders, tabs, background videos, and more.
Turn nav bars, footers, signup forms, and more into symbols you can change across your whole site with a single edit.
View and reorganize your pages' element structure in the Navigator — and ensure your pages remain accessible to all

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my website or my code?
No, you can only develop websites in Webflow. If you export your code, it can’t be reimported.
Are Webflow websites SEO-friendly?
Yes, Webflow sites are SEO-friendly. Our blazing-fast hosting, standards-based code, free SSL, and mobile-friendliness all help Webflow sites rank in search.
Can I cancel my Site plan at any time?
Yes, but you’ll still pay the remainder of the term for the plan you signed up for.
Can I cancel my Workspace plan at any time?
You can cancel your Workspace plan whenever you’d like. You’ll be downgraded to the free Workspace, which allows 2 free Starter sites. You won’t be locked out of any sites that have paid Site plans.
Do I need both a Workspace & a Site plan?
Yes. To harness the power of Webflow you’ll need both a Workspace plan and a Site plan for each site you plan to build. But, you only need to upgrade to paid plans when the free Workspace and 2 Starter sites in our Starter plan stops meeting your needs.