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We make it easy for you to track your progress and improve your On-Page and Off-page SEO by following our recommendation checklist.

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SEOmator Grader: On-Page SEO

Your on-page SEO is all on the content on your website. Remember, search engines are looking for key signals that your site is quality. They are looking for unique, authoritative content that is well-organized and easy to use/access. These are all the things you have control over to make your site run well.


HTML Tags Performance

HTML Tags are the backbone of your website. They are the basic organization tools of your platform, and you need to make sure they are unique and simple. Complex or irrelevant HTML tags will be either ignored or “overwritten” by Google hurting your SEO score, so we start from these tags and work up.

SEO Friendly Tests List

Next, we have the Seomator custom SEO Friendly Tests. These strike at different parts of your platform and make sure you site is performing well in a series of different metrics. These include passing security tests such as an SSL Certificate Validity Check. If you don’t pass this then many browsers won’t let a user on your site. In addition, we check broken links, resolve, disclaimer availability, and many more factors.



Usability Checklist

These days, your website should go hand in hand with social media. You do not need to hit every social media platform out there but should at least connect to a few of the more major ones out there. Our SEO Grader checks your social and favicon links to make sure everything is connected smoothly and there are no broken links or redirects.


Even if you are doing everything right for you on-page SEO, you may still experience ranking problems. This has to do with whether your site has been indexed or not and if a sitemap has been submitted.

If your site is quite popular, then Google will index it automatically, but for newer sites, they generally need to be checked and crawled first. It’s kind of like a chicken and the egg situation because without this you cannot get organic discovery, but you need to be listed on google for discovery. Don’t worry, we solve this headache for you!



Server Response Check & 404 Test Success

Most of us have websites that are hosted through larger companies like Squarespace, WordPress and GoDaddy. You need to make sure that there are no issues between your site, server IP and server location to make sure everything is running smoothly.

SEOmator Grader: Off-Page SEO

Backlinks Metrics

Now we are getting to your off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is basically a measure of how popular you are. This is much harder to control, but it determines how highly your site will rank. With our SEO Grader, you have the option to know your total backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs and so on. Essentially, the more authoritative (a.k.a. popular) a site/platform that references your site, the higher your website will rank. It’s Google’s way of vouching that not only is your content quality, but also important to people.



Social Media Shares

So much of a company’s success is determined by social media. In fact, many individuals have skipped websites completely and do most of their browsing through social media, so things like Facebook Shares Google+ Shares Pinterest Shares and so on are key to determining how well your company is doing in the online world.


WebArchive Information if available.




This is one of our best tools for you. With our SEO grader, you can see websites related to your domain with similar content or belong to your direct competitors. From here, you can see what is working for them and what isn’t giving you and edge to figure out how to better target your customers and tailor your platform.

List of Domains

There is a whole lot more. The SEO grader also helps you see common keywords, organic keywords, organic traffic, adwords keywords and so much more. These are all the additional things that you can help you to reach a broader audience and bring more traffic to your site.


SEOmator Grader: Conclusion

At the end of our report, you can see your total score and check your progress of SERPs by viewing where your site currently ranks. This allows you to analyze problems of your site's SEO and improve your platform’s performance by following the recommendations we generate for you in the SEO Grader.


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