Law of Conservation of Evergreen Contents - How to Do It?

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Just as fir and spruce trees stay healthy and vibrant after you plant the first seeds, the relevance of evergreen content remains (and should remain) after you hit the “publish” button

Just as fir and spruce trees stay healthy and vibrant after you plant the first seeds, the relevance of evergreen content remains (and should remain) after you hit the “publish” button. It is without a doubt that evergreen content is the primary plodder of the digital publishing world as it continues to generate more traffic to your website even though you’re no longer putting efforts for it.

While a news article might spike a temporary boost in traffic and even in sales, it will inevitably wither, if not, it will disappear in the virtual map as its information shrinks into history. Evergreen contents, on the other hand, never ceases to lead visitors for your business. And, that’s how it should be.

The Stigma in Content Writing that Never Wilts

Case in point: With a never-ending stream of new contents entering the web every day, the usefulness of a post often doesn’t last longer than a few days after its publication. As more and more companies and industries are becoming content creators, it's difficult to keep your content writing fresh. It’s turning into a saturated market. Hence, it’s paramount now more than ever, to create content that is unique, compelling and timeless. The contribution of content to marketing analytics often diminish to nothing over time. On that note, writing content ahead of time is less stressful and much more efficient than cramming out at the last minute.

Why is it Essential for Marketing Campaigns?

The idea for evergreen content is nothing new, but there’s still so much room for it to cultivate and broaden. Through creating and sharing evergreen content, you’ll be one step ahead of those who disregard its value. The ROI might not be immediate, but when done right, an evergreen content helps leverage your business on online platforms for a long time to come. It’s a great tool for lead generation too. Well, all forms of content can be great sources of lead generation. However, evergreen content will continue to generate leads on a long-term basis, something that an ordinary content can’t grant. As long as the content stays relevant, there’s no reason for people to discontinue to search for it, link it and hopefully convert out of it. To do so, you need to follow the foundational and comprehensive strategies to conserve and keep your contents fresh and crisp, even after publishing.

Find Relevance

The golden rules for creating evergreen content are relevancy and timeliness. As yesterday’s news quickly dematerialize in the digital world than in print, the bar for evergreen contents is now higher and demands more attention from the content writers. Make sure that your topics are news breaking and credible if you’re strategy is to show that you’re knowledgeable and current. If not, create an evergreen content, something that stays useful and relevant notwithstanding the time factor. Another valuable fragment of the content writing puzzle is embodying the person that you’re writing content for. You must reflect and ask yourself if your content will help solve a problem or answer a question of the person who will read it. Below are some of the platforms where you can find answers to every question that you might have:

  • Quora
  • Answer the People
  • LinkedIn groups and Industry Facebook.
  • Contact form responses of a company.

An answer may come quickly to you, but it doesn’t mean that it does for your readers. You need to bear this in mind as you create contents.

Pick Evergreen Topics

Evergreen content means evergreen topic. So, how do you choose the right evergreen topics? It’s as simple as answering the three guide questions below:

  • Who are your audience or customers?
  • What are the topics that might interest your audience or customers?
  • How can you make those topics timely and relevant?

Following the questions above, you must create topics that are beyond basics and follow the fundamentals of social media. According to Curata’s recent post about content marketing, a content marketer should have broad skills such as writing skills, humor, and creativity. The writer may focus on one skill that is particularly in demand like SEO know-how, but it’s always a better idea to choose a broader topic that will lead to a successful and evergreen post.

Organize Your Content Strategy

Conjuring and following a strategy for content writing strategy is one of the best ways to ensure that your published content will remain fresh and crisp. Focus on the main piece to keep in line with the organization of your content calendar. You must plot and set dates on when to check and re-update the published contents. Ask yourself if the additional contents will still be relevant to the audience. And don’t forget to plan what to do next after you get the click. Predicting trends and the news of tomorrow is next to impossible, but with an organized contents and editorial calendar, you can certainly stay on top of the game and adjust the dates if necessary.

Optimize for Search Engines

Most of the traffic will come from search engines after the social sharing settles down for a post. It is the reason why you need to focus on optimizing evergreen posts for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Choose a keyword phrase with robust search volume, and add it to the title of the post, first paragraph, alt tag, meta description and image filename. Meta Description might not help with search rankings, but these 165 characters show up in search engines. Use convincing language because it’s perfect medium to persuade people to click, again. According to Search Engine Land, the traffic to the pages with high-quality updates on contents experiences a 68% increase in traffic, while control pages only hit 11%. Assuming the 11% drop for all pages, the pages which acquire profit improves by 80%. It is attainable through adding contents for the users instead of relying on contents that search engines want. The next thing to do is stage some off-site search optimization or popularly known as link building. It may include sharing the post with other bloggers who write or are looking for questions throughout the web that your content can answer.

Plan and Write Ahead

Planning and writing a content before it’s actual demand is incredibly helpful. Striking a balance between the timely sharing of news content and evergreen content planning is the key to a successful conservation of your evergreen content. Indeed, preparation has its rewards, but there is an undeniable magic in spontaneity that you just can’t rule out. News content, in particular, is most efficient if curated from another social media sources. You can also write it if you have a feasible staff capacity to keep up. A short yet concise update on the subject is enough to show that you’re keeping up with the latest trends and evergreen content planning - no need to write a long post.

Omit Dates from Contents if Possible

If your published content is residing on a site with more evergreen contents, it’s wise if you exclude dates from it. No matter how relevant the content is, the readers might skip it if they realize it’s already two years old or more. Apart from removing the dates on your blog posts, remove the dates from blog comments too. The readers might decide not to participate in a discussion if they see that the last comment is several years old in the same manner that might skip over a post if it’s an old post. The absence of dates on comment sections might encourage reader's to participate in the conversation or stage a new debate about your topic.

Don’t Miss Out Promotion and Ongoing Maintenance

One of the best qualities of an evergreen content is that you can continue to foster it because it never gets out-of-date. Look for opportunities to promote it on social media platforms, blogger outreach platforms, Q&A networks like Quora and even in emails. You can also optimize evergreen contents for new conversions. Find ways to boost the number of your leads, customers, and subscribers that you acquire from evergreen content. It may include updating the call to action with a new offer or repositioning the call to action from the lower part of the middle part of the post. You need to remember that evergreen content will continue to generate traffic, so comments will continue to come in too. To keep the comment section lively, reply to legitimate comments and balance the comments to take out spam. Look for comments when your content gets a new mention on another blog or a renewed interest in social media.

Update if Necessary

You need to run a content audit to identify if your articles need updating. You can prioritize according to the popularity of the article and its ability to generate traffic. An update might only require minimal changes, and you can promote it again. You can let people know that your popular post has been updated with fresh and crisp information through typical promotion mediums such as social media, blogger outreach, email marketing and crowdfunding just to name a few.

Answer and Respond to Comments and Questions For Your Content

The role of evergreen content does not stop in providing relevant information to the readers. It continues up to engagement that will stem from their curiosity and some unanswered thoughts or verifications about your article. Blog comments, along with email responses and social media, will yield some queries from the readers. Respond to these questions and build a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section which provides answers to the questions of your reader's.

Respond to Bloggers

A popular article not just draws attention from the reader's, it can also stir curiosity on other bloggers who have different reactions and opinions towards your content. Creating a response to a popular blogger can generate a dialogue that will encourage contributions from readers. These bloggers may agree on most points, but there could also be a friendly competition that will produce healthy debate. If other bloggers do not engage with your post, you need to leverage your relationships to gather some opinions for a response.

Affix a Social Media Feed

Social media is a rich ecosystem to interesting discussions, but readers might get lost as they consume more of your feeds. Incorporating social channels to your blog helps in keeping the best debates and responses in the public eye. You could make use of hashtags and embed codes to present the content in a readable manner. It all depends on your social network. Or, you can just take a screenshot of the significant contributions to make them more consumable for the audience.

Bonus Corner: The Organic Benefits of Evergreen Content

It’s important to include evergreen content to support your overall marketing strategy when it comes to refining the website of your company or for whatever purpose it may serve best. Below are the benefits of implementing an evergreen content into your site.

Boosts Keyword Rankings

Evergreen contains at least some of the high-profile keywords that every content marketers want to flaunt. You get your topics from these keywords and tailor them to the actual content that you like to create.

Minimizes Work

If you are running a news blog and the reliance on up-to-the-minute information to assemble articles quickly for your site is a common scenario. It means you’re typing on your keyboard for the entire day to stay alive. Evergreen content can help you lessen this crisis as it can idle for a long time while working hard in the background to generate traffic to your site.

Boosts Site Traffic

Since evergreen content is timeless by nature, compared to other contents on your site, you’ll find that it can drive a constant number of people to your site compared to trending contents.

It is SEO Friendly

You should know that Google is using an algorithm that remunerates sites with evergreen and fresh content. It understands the difference between trending topics and high-quality, in-depth writings. Quality evergreen content helps leverage the SEO ranking of your site.

Provides Fresh Backlinks

A strong evergreen content can still generate backlinks if it’s of top quality. When Google sees that your site still produce new backlinks, it will leverage your website’s overall ranking and keep it in good graces.

Enhances Social Shares

Evergreen contents receive more social shares by nature compared to most trending topics. Part of this mechanism is the undying presence of the content on the web, while the other one stems from the fact that you can easily share an evergreen content with confidence as it is often thought to be more authentic and of higher quality.


We live in a noisy and fast-paced digital world. So, when you make an effort to keep your contents crisp and fresh even after publication, your chance of engaging to the readers is high. And to do it, you need to keep your feet on the ground of relevance and make a strategy ahead of time. Yes, you must plan, but you need to leave room for changes and updates too. If you keep these things in mind, you're one step ahead to a successful content strategy! (fingers-crossed).