White-label SEO Audit Widget Embeddable to your website

With our white label SEO Audit Widget, you can embed our software directly onto your website. For marketing agencies, content creators or anyone in the online world, there’s never been a better way to generate leads. The customer receives detailed conclusions about what their website needs to succeed, and you have a professional SEO audit in your hands. What else more could you want?

White Label SEO Tool

In the SEO world, there is always two halves: the content side and the tech side. These two working together side by side is what creates a successful platform with high traffic and conversion rates. Take your content skills to the next level with our embeddable SEO tool. Your potential customers will receive a professional looking report while you know the keys areas you need to target to make their platform better. Talk about a win-win situation!



With digital content, branding is everything. Your brand is your image, and you want it to represent your company’s strength. You can customize the look and feel of our SEO widget so that the reports include your company’s name, branding and so on. You can even include a contact form as well as additional information about how your business can help theirs. It's essentially a one stop shop for you and your customers to connect and find the best solutions to your clients' problems.


Choose the reports you are willing to be included in a final Audit. It's all about customization.

You can choose how many or how few of the reports you want included in the embeddable SEO widget. Match the reports to your skills, or leave out a few so that you can surprise your customers with other areas you can assist them with. Either way, you have options from the language the report is generated in as well as what conclusions they get to see from the report. The power is in your hands!


Choose one of the offered initial forms and pick content for it

From here, your next step is customizing what is included in each of the reports you select to be on the report. Do you want to mention the Google Pagespeed or Index Rank or not? We make things as easy as a click of the button for you so you can tailor the pages to match exactly the skills your business brings to the table.



Combine the popup for a closing audit results window or enable the Pop-Up Form

Pick PDF Report Export Settings

Our SEO embedded tool even gives you the option of whether you want to let your users download a PDF version of the generated audit and.or email users the generated form as well. This gives you the flexibility of whether or not the information generated on the report is something easily kept and shared by your sites’ users or not.

By adding email addresses, you generate leads for your services that your company can offer because if the user typed his or her website into the tool, chances are that they are looking for some help improving it!


Even More Leads

Not only will you have access to email addresses, you can also find out core data about your potential customer’s websites. Our reports not only shows the strengths and weaknesses of a particular website’s SEO but also helps you get a sense of the types of customers attracted to your website.

For example, maybe your see a trend of many freelance designers using your tool. Then you can customize your own site to better appeal to them.These are the solid leads you need to make your platform better!


Do you want to go even deeper with your site's SEO Analysis?

Try the Seomator Full Audit Report for free for 7 days!

The full Seomator SEO Audit White Label Report includes Comprehensive On-page and On-page analysis of your website. In addition, depending on the trial you pick, you can also have:

  • Collaboration workspace for Unlimited users
  • Embedded SEO Audit Widget
  • Domains Comparison for Competitors tracking
  • Full data CSV export
  • Bulk Processing
  • API Access