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Audit Report Data Exports

CSV Table Export As we said before, you can Copy ALL URLs or use CSV data export option clicking on the corresponding button  at the pages list in every Seomator Report data table. For example, at Organic Presence Report: An example of CSV:   Full Report PDF Export After all, . . . Read more

Single Page Report

For every URL in our each report tables you can run a Single Page Report:       Some page’s technical stats from our crawler data:     Most important Metadata from page:     As for each group of indexes: in green are successful, in red are accordingly failed. . . . Read more

Crawler Report

The Seomator Crawler processes the pages and internal links of the website within the service plan and provides a result of the crawl in the form of a table of the server replies with the appropriate codes.     Look at the example of useful table and charts we provide . . . Read more

Organic Presence Report

Organic Report gives you the domain’s competitors in organic search results list. Also, this report provides domains that are ranking in Google’s top 20 organic search results with a requested keyword. Check Keywords chart:   Below, the number of keywords for which your website is ranked in the search engines, . . . Read more

Backlinks Report

The main idea of the Backlinks Report is to show the total number of backlinks, referred to your site, and analytics of their quality. Note, we do not substitute the Ahrefs, Majestic, and other specialized backlinks intelligence services, we only give a general assessment. Check with next chart Follow vs. . . . Read more

Social Media Report

In the metrics section of the Page Report we provide you summarized social signals: numbers of likes, shares, and links from social networks to pages of your site. Check our tips for every issued we got while reporting to resolve its condition:     An addition, panels on the top . . . Read more

Site Structure Report

This Report shows URL level data and the levels of depth of pages. SEO friendly websites should be logically structured. Thereby users and search engines can see the most relevant pages using UR-level information, which shows the hierarchical structure of the site, site’s levels, and pages found on each level, . . . Read more

Multilingual Report

Multilingual Report is available only while crawling multilingual websites. This report is for websites targeting users in different regions and speaking different languages. Attributes rel=”alternate” and hreflang=”x” are used by Google to serve the correct language or regional URL in Search results. The website’s pages language statistics and improper usage . . . Read more

Text Statistics Report

Text Report is a table mostly about Keyword Density:     As you see, with the Text Statistics Report you may check keyword density (we choose six most popular word on every page), for one word, couple of words and three words phrase. Focus Keywords are the most likely page . . . Read more

Page Speed Report

Having better-optimized pages and fast load times can give your site an organic search ranking advantage. Again, Page Speed is not a huge ranking factor, but it is an important one. We present found Issues, Conclusion and How to Fix Tips. We take the data from Google Page Insights API. . . . Read more

Structured Data Report

The HTML5 structured data specification is a way to label content to describe a specific type of information: reviews, person information, or events. We provide the Structured Data Usage Chart that displays the ratio of the Structured Data to all pages we crawled:     Also, the Types Of Structured . . . Read more

Mobile Usability Report

The Mobile Usability Report helps you to find out how your project appears on modern mobile devices. We use data from Google Page Insides API to generate this report. It provides page screenshot for different mobile devices:   The score in an average summary of all parameters has taken part . . . Read more

Content Quality Report

That is exactly what Google and people are looking for on any website. To generate the Content Report our system fetches all texts in between <p>, <div>, <span>, etc. HTML tags, counting them and comparing text blocks with 100+ words in between one tag to other blocks to find exactly . . . Read more

Internal Links Report

SEOMATOR Internal Links Report shows the number of incoming and outbound links from the pages of your website (text links, image links), and the number of dofollow and nofollow links. Then, we give the list of issues we found with recommendations for their elimination. For example:   We also provide . . . Read more

HTML Tags Report

Tags is where the whole on-page SEO starts. In Tags Report, we give the list of issues we found. For example:   Clicking on every issue, check its description and how to fix tips:   Below, we provide a most important HTML Tags Performance chart, where you can see Duplicated, . . . Read more

Audit Report Overview

After you added your first project and when a Full SEO Audit is Done, you can read it. To help you get acquainted with the Seomator Tests and Reports, and to assist you navigate through them, we offer to use our Reports Guide. Just clicking on View button at your . . . Read more