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Automated SEO and Analysis Reports

SEOmator makes your everyday tasks easier

Seomator’s Agency software is the missing link between your platform and users to ensure your site running optimally. The whole point of SEO is taking all the right steps to get your site to be ranked higher. Nonetheless, unless you are a full time programmer, content writer, and optimization specialist, this is going to be a very difficult job.

However, getting everything perfectly optimized so that you rank higher than your competitors and appear at the top of search engine listings has never been easier thanks to Seomator’s Agency Software which generates analysis reports and automates your SEO processes making your life easier than ever.


Save Your Time and Money

When it comes to getting SEO just right, it all comes back to analytics. Understanding your analytics is the key to refining your content and your platform to make it more effective not only to search engine rankings but to organic users as well.

Most web platforms like Squarespace and Wordpress offer built in analytic software. In addition, most people use the most famous name in the game, Google Analytics. The problem, however, is interpreting this data. What does any of it mean? Seeing your statistics is one thing, but interpreting them is a whole different story. Seomator’s Agency Software not only looks into statistics such as traffic and bounce rates, but a creates in just minutes up to 14 different including HTML tags, Content Quality, Backlinks, and Social Media Reports.

Basically, it works to translate this raw data into something you can use and best of all, it can run automatically so that you do not have to be checking your analytics everyday, but you can receive a full report of how well your site is doing.

Use Seomator for Impressing Your Customers

These reports aren't just helpful for you but can be key tools for your customers, clients and even investors. With our Agency Software you can provide your clients with stunning looking reports with charts and diagrams organized in one document that convert easily into PDFs.

This way instead of saying to people your traffic has increased by twenty percent, you have a chart that shows these numbers helping people to better visualize the strength of your platform.

Integrate with other Services

Best of all, the Seomator Agency Software seamlessly integrates with a range of other service including Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Slack, just to name a few so that you can access all of the relevant information about your website in one place and can be sure that the data you are receiving is precise, broad reaching and encompasses all the things you need to know to make your platform a success.

Monitor Changes

This is doubly important if you have a team working on your website. You need to be aware of the changes going on but can’t keep track of everything. With our SEO Agency Software, you have a whole range of options.

For example, you can add URLs and track the changes on websites to avoid SEO-disaster if someone, for example, broke robots.txt or changed rel = "canonical". Check alerts list and see what happened.

Our automated alerts let you know immediately when there is a problem. This means that you can catch errors before they create headaches for you and for your users.


Always Know What’s Going On

With running a business, answering emails, and just keeping track of everything that’s going on in your daily life can be a lot of work. That’s why you need Seomator's Agency Software to automatically keep track of everything for you so you can focus on what matters most: your business.