Social Report – Tweet Count Removal

Taking into account that Nov. 20, 2015, Twitter updated Tweet Button and removed the Tweet count endpoint, Seomator changed the formula so that Twitter is not taken into our Social Report counts for now.

As Twitter explained it, “The “count API” has never existed as part of our public, supported and documented API endpoints.” Moreover, the count was built in a time where the only button on the web was from Twitter. As a technical reason for removing undocumented API, there was simplifying by Twitter the platform for supportability.

Relying on all these technical and political considerations why this undocumented API should be removed, we should not give our users unreliable data.

Everything flows, everything changes, so we hope Twitter analyzes how users had used these counts before, and also look forward to bring back such data into our reports if Twitter developers improve tools to integrate Twitter content into apps and websites.




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