Seomator Updates on Your Feedbacks

Drawing your attention to some Seomator updates since last blog post, first of all, we had implemented the feature that useful for agencies running the tool to check for errors on staging sites before going live, which one of you guys asked us.
Now in dashboard, you can override DNS IP, and use server side authorization while adding new project:

override DNS IP

Also, we’ve improved the look and feel for all our data tables. Now you can set some filters in tables or “copy all URLs” from the table in 1 click; export table data to CSV is still available.
table CSV

On-Close form has a preview in the Lead Generation settings:

On-Close Form

Now you can choose the type of the Conclusion for your project’s Seomator SEO Analysis so that you might have Title only with the list of issues found:
Title Only

Alternatively, you can have the Full Conclusion issues list with Seomator recommendations for how to fix tips:
Full Conclusion

Besides, we’ve added the new test on abusing several headings with the same keywords. If you have issues with heading tags keywords, you can see it in our report with the how to fix tips in the Full Conclusion for the Seomator SEO Analysis Report:
Heading Tags Keyword Stuffing

Crawling errors became more informative. In case we could not crawl your site for some reason, you get the message with an exact explanation of its cause. For example:

Our spider cannot crawl the website; most likely it cannot be indexed properly by Google as well (a filter blocks crawler).

The last but not least improvement we made is the Content Freshness Test (Web Technologies Used Info results in the On-Page Research category of the Audit). Before that, we considered the last site update date on if-modified HTTP header base; currently, we are also taking into account the latest updates from specific date/time patterns in your source code. This information appears when we in some way can get the site update date.

Content Freshness

Many thanks once again for all of your feedbacks and suggestions on Seomator improvement!
Have a good week from The Seomator Team!