Seomator for your Team Collaboration

Today I am happy to tell you about new function we added.
Now you can share and keep your projects on your team with new Seomator Team Collaboration function we added to profile settings.
This helpful supplement allows you to have more benefits from using Seomator:

Unite your team
You can manage your projects list from your laptop during a meeting, share status and access the latest version of Reports at any time. Seomator Team Collaboration function lets several contributors work under the same account on the same Project, simultaneously.

Save money
Getting one complete service you stop to pay for dozens of special tools.

Enhance oversight
Collaborating on projects is not limited to people within the company. Many project members from outside the company, such as partners, vendors, and customers, require access and input to the project plans. It is important to understand if there are any limitations for these users. Also, ensure you can control what they can view or edit.

Look at how it works:

Seomator Team Collaboration


Simply clicking Collaboration Work button invite your team members to your account access adding their emails:


Collaboration Work


Note that invited team member cannot have another account with us linked to the same email.

Then, manage your team using the appropriate fields:


Manage Team


Simultaneously, the invited team member got email notification, after acceptance of which new user redirects to the Seomator Dashboard to get personal settings and advice:


Seomator Team Collaboration Access

So, after creating individual access, a new team member can see all the projects and make project branding corrections and comments so that you remove barriers in your creative process with detailed analytics of your team’s activity!
Start your Team Collaboration work with Seomator to create better work together, spend more time on creative, less on the process!