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What is Seomator?


First, Seomator is a comprehensive and easy to use solution for Website Crawling and SEO Audit. We monitor technical and architecture issues of websites (alt tags and title tags, duplicate content and links to non-existent images), analyze them, and provide our reports with tips that help SEO Professionals to improve website quality and its ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Also, Seomator allows comparing any sites to see how to fix drawbacks and make the site more attractive than the competitor’s site.

Moreover, Seomator has audit tool you can freely embed into your website and provide free White Label SEO Reports with our awesome charts and conclusions.

The Seomator Advantages

  • Seomator is a business SAAS tool focused on SEO and Online Marketing Agencies.
  • Seomator gives up to thirteen SEO Audit Reports (Seomator or Custom Branded) with PDF & CSV Export opportunity. Check our Plans & Pricing.
  • We simplify agencies work, saving the agencies expenses by doing faster same things, which their stuff does manually.
  • We also provide the Sales Tool, which SEO agencies can implement on their websites and get additional leads from users, who are looking free SEO audits. Read about White Label SEO Audit Tool.
  • Comparing to existing products, we provide crawled data and deep analytics, conclusions, and how to fix tips.
  • Seomator helps to solve any miscommunication between Online Marketing or SEO agencies and their customers who just want to get more from their website providing to them easily for understanding website analysis with awesome data charts and explanations what their agency is going to do and why.
  • We are always ready and happy to help!


The Basics


How to Start

For trying service just Enter website URL and sign up to Seomator by adding your email or login via your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Then, choose one of our Free Trials and finish creating your Profile by adding your payment credentials. We do not charge until a trial end.


Can I analyze any website?

You can analyze any website. However, we have some restrictions:

  • we need at least 10 pages to build the Report; we are not able to provide the audit for single page sites because of analytics technologies we use;
  • we could not crawl a website entirely built, for example, on JavaScript.

Read more details.


What is a project?

All websites you are working on are organized into projects presented in Dashboard. Each project is represented by a tile in Dashboard, where you can find:

  • website URL
  • a time when the project was added
  • сrawling status (Done or Crawling)
  • total score by our Report (if done)
  • time of the last crawl
  • number of crawled pages
  • View (all the Reports) button
  • Recrawl button


What information can I see during the crawl?

The crawling process takes itself 10-40 minutes. During analysis time, you can see the site’s name, crawling status (in percentage), and the number of crawled pages.


Why some campaigns are orange when the crawl is complete in the dashboard while others are green?

Orange labels mean that we got some crawler errors while crawling this project.
I.e., 0 bytes come when we try to fetch URL or server side anti-crawling protection for unknown IP’s (like captcha and so on). You can see all that external URLs if you click ‘crawler errors:
Crawler errors


How many simultaneous projects can I start?

You can start (add URLs) several projects at the same time. The number of projects you can add to your dashboard depends on your Plan and usage of monthly limits. Check the Plan & Pricing details.


Why your limitation for crawling a website is 1000 pages only? My website has more than 1000 pages.

There is a difference between crawlable and indexable content. A content audit crawl for the SEO purposes is concerned with indexable content only while a technical SEO Audit crawl is concerned with all crawlable content.

Even if it is crawled by Google and shows up as an URL in Google Analytics, it is not blocked in the robots.txt file, with a robots meta tag, or an X-robots header response and Search Console, the rel =”canonical” tag acts like a 301 redirect. Google does not index non-canonical URL in search results and to apply all ranking calculations to the canonical version. An URL with a query string canonicalized to a version without the query string can be considered as “not indexable.”

In other words, our crawl scrolls page by page all of your website’s URLs, and takes into its SEO Audit process indexed pages only. Thus, we provide the report for, and our limit includes up to 1000 indexed pages.


Projects Settings and Management

Crawler settings

A project has three options to choose:

Crawler Settings

Exclude (ignore) subdomains

We crawl only http://example.com, and not, for example, blog.example.com.


Ignore Robots.txt

Our crawler takes crawling instructions from the robots.txt(as Google does) and works with them, or just ignores robots.txt in case this option is enabled.


Ignore rel=”canonical” meta tag

It is a way to specify the correct canonical version of the page if, for some reason, the site has pages that are not necessary for crawling by Google. Accordingly, if there are pages wherein headset rel=”canonical” we follow such instructions as Google Bot does.

Also, especially for agencies running the tool to check for errors on staging sites before going live, we have following crawler settings:Crawler settings

So you can override DNS IP and use server side authorization.

If needed, can I restart the crawl of the website I have already analyzed?

You can Recrawl your projects within your Plan limits. Also, since we are always working on improving our service and our reports are updated periodically, we inform that due to the produced changes it is better to regenerate the reports. It is free for all Users.

For your convenience, all the created SEO Audit Reports (Seomator or Custom Branded depending on Plan) are available for PDF and CSV Export. For instance, this option would be helpful as for providing to the customer, as for comparing the analysis of a full website before and after updating.


Once I run the report on a client, would it be able to run automatically every month?

It cannot automatically run each month again, only if you decide to do it from your dashboard manually. There is an option of providing your customers the way to get the reports by themselves. Once you integrated a Lead Generation Tool somewhere your clients have a form to submit their website and get back an automated report, of course, we notify you when an audit will be done.


How often should I do crawling of my websites?

You can Recrawl any project within your current Plan’s limits. It is recommended to do a new analysis every time the website content or architecture been considerably changed. Furthermore, we recommend doing weekly or monthly Recrawls depending on the site’s update cycles.


I love your reports, but not sure how to make it faster. It took an hour with detailed info.

It depends on your plan: you have 50 pages per project and 8 different reports on Basic (about 10-15 minutes to generate full audit), and 1000 pages/13 reports on Pro and Unlimited (one hour in average). Of course, the reports done on Pro and Unlimited plans are more precise and useful. At the same time, if you need something faster there is a trick: Lead Generation fast reports (crawling and analysis of 2-10 pages with one overview) instead of 13 different reports in the full audit. You can embed it somewhere and get fast audits in 3 minutes.


Is there a way to cancel a project? My initial project looks like it is stuck at 86% after running or a few hours.

If you are sure it is stuck, send us the project name for debugging, and we solve it. Sometimes you need to give it time; it takes about 10-15 minutes to generate full audit on Basic/Free Plan (50 pages, 8 reports), and one hour in average for Pro and Unlimited(1000 pages/13 reports).


The Seomator Reports

I wanted to get some understanding of your rating scale after a site has been crawled. What is the ideal score one is looking to achieve?

100 is the best. When a site just added to the dashboard, it has a score 100. Then, we have to fine for every issue we found (depending on the SEO importance of an issue). Therefore, the summary score decreases.


Do Seomator reports have citations and reviews?

Issues, Conclusions, and Howtos. No, we do not have any local SEO reports yet, sorry.


What is a 4xx error on HTTP status at crawler report?

It is broken internal links. You can see where it happens by following (i) icon near to the URL at 404 (Broken links).


How do we tell the search engines that my site has a “Privacy, Term”? Is there a particular URL? How does your site know it exists?

By just adding them to your site, privacy, terms and contact us. The same way as Google’s does. Check content, titles, and meta-tags for things similar to privacy, terms and contact us.


I am not sure what not set content is in HTML tags. Is it possible for you to explain to me what it is?

It means you have pages without Title, H1 or Meta Description tags, which is not good for SEO. Therefore, you need to check the list of URLs in HTML Tags Report and fix those pages (add tags in your CMS).


Can I translate the Report into another language?

We do not have this option yet, but we are working on it. Language feature will be available in a couple of months.


My duplicate content is 81%! That is extremely high. Could this be due being a WordPress theme?

To generate content report our system is fetching all text in between  <p>, <div>, <span>, etc. HTML tags, counting them and comparing text blocks with 100+ words in between one tag to other blocks to find exactly same or similar content all over the website.

You can find what exactly appears as duplicate text if you click here:


After running a Report, can I send a client a link to the report?

If your customers generate it by themselves from the Lead Generation Tool, they get it by their email automatically.


Is there a way to see a list of all the meta tags info for each page in the report?

Try Tags report ->Title – All -> CSV Export.
Meta Description – All -> CSV Export.
If you need Meta Keywords, you can find them in top menu:

HTML Tags Meta Keywords


I was trying to see the details of a client’s lead report, but it is in PDF format. How can I get access to the interactive report without having to run it under my full detail reports?

The only way to do it is to run a full detail report. However, we are working on adding more details features to tags and content reports provided as lead generator audits. Also, we have an unlimited plan for $179 a month, if it fits your needs.


What is a number of social media signals collected from the crawled pages?

We summarize social signals for every crawled page: numbers of likes, shares, and links from social networks to your site pages.  


Domains Comparison, Embedded SEO Audit Widget, and White Label Seomator Tools

We want to be able to provide website and social media analysis to potential clients.

You have two options:

  1. Do your reports through our dashboard, set up White Label options in the Embedded SEO Audit Widget properties and get audits with your branding by following pdf export button in the audit.
  2. Embed our tool on your website and provide clients the ability to get their fast audits with your branding in exchange for their contact info. You can find the settings for that in the same place (lead generator button in the dashboard).


I am interested in the Embedded SEO Audit tool that I can embed into my website. How does it work?

In that case, you might find those two links to our blog useful:

Kickstart your sales with our white label audit tool embedded on your website

Embed the SEOmator Audit in seconds with our New WordPress Plugin


Can I get a PDF report for domains comparison as well? I did not find such option.

Sorry, but we do not have that option right now.


In the lead generator form is there any way for the person submitting it to get a downloadable (i.e., PDF) version of the info?

We have this option in Embedded Audit Settings:


Mark this one and save the settings, your users will have the download button in Audit’s footer.

How do I remove all the white space below the button on my lead generator call to action?

LeadGen White Space

You can easily change height setting inside the embedded code.


Does Seomator have client access, and does it integrate with Google analytics and display rankings?

We have a lead generation tool, which you can implement on company’s website for using by your clients. There is no Google Analytics integration, but it is in our plans.


Can I embed the request form on my site and have them enter an email to get the report?

We added embed audits support (lead generation for agencies). Check out our pricing.
Unlimited Custom Branded with full leads info starts if choose Professional Plan.


How many pages your Domain Comparison takes to compare two sites?

10 pages from each site.


For the Embedded SEO Audit Widget form is there going to be a responsive or mobile version as the fixed width? Is a problem for the small screens?

When you take our code for embedding to your site, just change like it showed below:

window.leadWidth = ‘90%’;

window.leadHeight = ‘90%’;



Plans, Pricing, Payments

How do Seomator Free Trials work?

You can try full service free in 7-days period. During the free trial, you can try as many analyses as you want (under chosen plan limitations). We just ask payment credentials but do not charge anything until a trial’s end.


Is this month to month or a longer contract?

Month to month.


If we sign up for the professional plan and embed the tool on our website [white labeled], is it restricted to 10-times use per month?

It is fully unlimited for your users when embedded.


How many sites can I crawl if I signed up for the Professional Plan?

15 per month, but if you are an agency we can offer you 40 initial projects for your subscription’s testing during the first month.


Does every recrawling reduce my monthly plan limits?

A Free Recrawl is available during 30 days after this particular project has been created at your dashboard.

Note, that any Recrawl after a particular project has been started at your dashboard more than 30 days ago, reduces your monthly limits. But, in case if we could not recrawl your project for any reason, we return your limits back.


What about plan limits if you could not crawl my website?

We do not reduce your Plan limits, also for Pay As You Go if we could not crawl your website for any reason.


I have 1000 pages limit. Can I assign 800 to one project and 200 to a second?

You have 1000 for every project what you add, and you can add up to 10 projects so that it is 10 000 crawled pages without sharing them between projects.


How and when can I change or cancel my plan?

Upgrading or cancellation of your plan is available at any time through the Billing Settings in your Profile.


Can I see my projects created during the trial period after its end?

All your reports available without any changes after the end of the 7-days trial period until you decide to Recrawl or delete it. However, after the trial period, if you decided to change your plan, the old projects you wish to recrawl under current Plan meet these plan conditions. Read more about Plans & Pricing.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal as forms of payment for monthly subscription plans. Unfortunately, we are unable to process any other forms of payment now. Please contact us for more information.


I wanted to see your reports before purchasing, but I have been asked for payment for a 7-days free trial?

No, it is free for 7 days. We do not charge it until the end of a trial period, and you can unsubscribe at any time. We just ask payment credentials but not charge anything for 7 days.


Thank you for reading this section to the end 🙂

Hope you found it useful, even if it was boring.
Mostly, this division based on our customers’ questions to The Seomator Support Team.
Of cause, there are not all the issues you may have reading Seomator Reports or using its Tools.
Thus, we would be very grateful if you ask us to assist every time you need it so that we could supplement this section with other clues How to Use Seomator.