New Cool PDF Is Finally Here

You guys have been giving us the helpful comments about previous Seomator PDF, and we have heard you!
For your convenience, we have released the new, looking more professional and attractive PDF:



So this Monday I am announcing New PDF Eхport (beta):


First, you can edit your branding using the link to your Lead Generation and White-label settings:
Branding Settings
Branding Settings Edit

Then, going back to New PDF Eхport (beta), you can check and edit the Report content:
Report Title


As you can see, you may choose between Title only and Full Text Conclusion, as well as you can delete or edit the notes in every part of the Report.

Below, there is a sample of one Report’s page:
Mobile Usability

Also, the excerpt of the Full-Text Conclusion:



Download example of NEW PDF Report


Note, the previous one (PDF Export) is also available during a month.

I would love to hear your feedback on Seomator new PDF form.
Hope you enjoy the convenience of the new look!

Thank you and have a good week!