Happy Holidays And New Year Update

Holidays coming, and we pushed our team to summarize our last months progress in breaking release!

Thank you guys for useful feedback and support talks coming out to endless how-to-make-it-better ideas flow!
Hopefully, you already noticed that our crawler and report generator became 3 times faster, if not, don’t wait and test it!
Our embedded audits got new responsive initial forms and design customising options, already available in Dashboard -> Lead Generator Settings.

Some of you guys asked us for the unlimited plan – here it is! First 50 users asked us in Intercom for unlimited newcomers discount will get 70% off UNLIMITED price, which makes it the same as our most popular plan $49/mo. Hurry up and get it!

Also, we are working hard to stuff our service with new conclusions, how to fix tips and features.

Recrawl your current projects to find the new things like OpenGraph analytics in Social report:


More simple tests in Overview:


and new filters and sub-reports in Readability and Text reports:


Ok, have no time to bother you by long talks anymore, holidays can’t wait. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Seomator Team!