Google PageRank Score is No More

Google has fully cut the PageRank scores from their Toolbar. The PageRank still exists, but the Toolbar version of that PageRank officially gone dark April 15, 2016, forever.

I will not narrate how it affected the lives through the search engines of ordinary people because most people who used the Google Toolbar probably never went through to understand the quality of pages encountered when browsing. But not for SEO professionals. Since PageRank based on backlinks, and as much as the more quality backlinks, the higher Google Pagerank, improving your Google page rank was very important for improving your page’s search engine rankings and was a significant indicator of your website’s quality.

Of course, it brings the significant changes in the link economy and for the whole SEO. However, Google did not update it since 2013 so that it is a question if it were an honest scale for the past years.

Thereby, we notify you that we’ve cut out PageRank score from all Seomator Reports.