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Full detectable issues list

Crawler Report

  • Broken Links
  • Canonicalization Errors
  • <a> without HREF Attribute
  • <Meta> Outside <Head>
  • URL Has Non-Lowercase Elements in Path
  • Redirect to External Page
  • <a> Blank HREF Attribute
  • URL Location is Neither HTTP nor HTTPS
  • Sneaky Redirects
  • Too Long URL
  • Leading or Trailing Whitespace Characters in href
  • Underscores in URLs
  • Redirect Chain
  • Redirects to Broken Pages (404 or Page Not Found)
  • Internal Search Results Are Not Blocked From Indexing
  • Broken AMP Link
  • Relative URLs in hreflang
  • Mixed Сontent Errors
  • Temporary redirect(s) found

Structured Data

  • Missed Structured Data


  • Duplicate Title Tags
  • Similar Title Tags
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Similar Meta Descriptions
  • More than One H1 Header Per Page
  • Missing Title Tags
  • Missing Meta Description Tags
  • Missing H1 Header Tags
  • Too Long Meta Description Tag
  • Too Short Meta Description Tag
  • Too Long H1 Header Tag
  • Too Short H1 Header Tag
  • Too Short Title Tag
  • Too Long Title Tag
  • Header Tags (H1, H2, etc...) Are in the Wrong Order

Page Speed

  • Too Low Page Load Speed

Internal Links

  • Too Many External Links
  • Broken External Links
  • Too Few Internal Links
  • Too Many Internal Links
  • Weak Link Text
  • Weak Internal Link Text Anchor

Content Quality

  • Thin Content With Little to No Added Value
  • Duplicate Page Content
  • Too Long ALT Attributes
  • Links to Non-Existent Images
  • Missed Image ALT Attributes


  • Too Few Backlinks

Social Media

  • Too Few Social Mentions Related to Your Website
  • Missing OpenGraph Description Tags
  • Too Long OpenGraph Description
  • Duplicate OpenGraph Description Tags
  • Duplicate OpenGraph Title Tags
  • Missing OpenGraph Title Tags
  • Too Long OpenGraph Title Tag

Multilingual Support

  • Missing Multilingual Confirmation Links
  • Incorrect Multilingual Language Codes

Mobile Usability

  • Missed Mobile-Friendly​ Layout

White label SEO audit reports for your customers and prospects

We know how important is to look professional and cutting edge when you are closing the sale of technology-stuffer services. Our designers spent months to find the best possible layout for the reports. They made a bunch of A/B tests with the SEO agency's potential clients. That is why we are happy to represent brand new, updated, white-label/embedded audit report.

Statistically, every SEO specialist uses at least four different tools to cover daily tasks and combines the results manually into a comprehensive report for giving to customers. Our audit includes all necessary On-Page and Off-Page analytics and can be delivered to your clients in minutes.

Generate beautiful custom branded PDF reports to send to your customers.

Clear, actionable how-to-fix tips

Seomator presents precise data backed list of How-To-Fix Tips for how to improve your website together with a more educational material.

Embedded SEO audit tool for an agency website

Set up your branding for white-label reports and deliver them directly to your customers, saving hours of annoying work. Implement our tool on the company website to automate and increase your sales. Embedded SEO Audit Widget comes with any Seomator's monthly subscription plan.

Integration with third party tools
Create your reports and analytics as you need them

Our audit includes 13 different reports and covers all On-page and Off-page SEO aspects. We even have the save data and analytics for every URL reports. However, sometimes you may want to dig deeper by yourself, which could be done easily with our API and CSV Export available for every spreadsheet we provide.

How we are different

There are two popular types of SEO Audit Tools on the market right now: "SEO Graders" that gives you some fast basic "insides" based on one crawled URL (homepage usually). On the other hand "Full-Scale SEO Crawlers" that crawl the whole website or significant part of a website and provide results, but usually to figure out something from their results, you have to understand how SEO works and what you need to do to fix issues.

We are somewhere between full-scale crawlers and SEO graders; we crawl up to 1000 pages from the website and then provide a list of prioritized SEO issues backed by crawl data with detailed information and How-to-Fix tips.

Who is it for?

SEO agencies and SEO consultants

Staff's expertise and related tools usage resulting in business quality and efficiency.

Lead generation and sales support

Fancy and professional looking white-labeled Full SEO Analysis Reports pre-ready to be sent to customers with your branding any time you need it. Need no-touch sales tool? We have thoroughly automated embeddable SEO Audit Widget for an agency's website. Install our widget and get more leads with instant email and Slack notifications, Integrate our widget with MailChimp and reach incoming leads with automated sales letters.

In-depth research

Dig deeper with full analysis for every page convertible into any form your analytics may wish via service API and CSV export.

Data-driven site analytics

Information from different and correlative with each other sources are combined and analyzed. Make strategic SEO decision based on the proper foundation to reach customers goals.

In-house SEO professionals

Improve your rankings and content management on your company's website by delegating the routine work to a reliable SEO tool.

Problems and solutions

Each issue we found is accompanied by a solution and future reads based on our experts best SEO practices. Our In-depth guide includes actionable steps to improve your site's search performance.

High-level impressions

Even most fastidious colleagues will be agreeably surprised at the exceptional PDF version of a comprehensive SEO audit. One of our clients also reported that he had been hired to his job using nothing, but our analysis of company's website.

Fast competition research

Surfed the web and found new competitor? Get comparison analysis in minutes using nothing but Seomator's Domain Comparison Tool.


SEOmator is an extremely solid SEO audit software suite that gives you boatloads of information on your site’s SEO health.

Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko

With Seomator you can see at a glance which areas need attention when performing an SEO Audit. It's very easy to use, and the recommendations given are very specific. What I like most is that it does not only cover on-page SEO but it gives you an analysis of backlinks and technical SEO, and this is great. Overall, a great tool for SEO professionals and those that need to take their SEO to the next level.

Alex Chris
Digital Marketing Manager at

SEOmator is missing part of our internal SEO tool puzzle! We struggle to find exact SEO recommendations come from crawl analysis data because mostly we need to analyze each perspective deeply. By using SEOmator's strong, active engine, we can easily extract advice to use in our own workflows with their powerful API services.

Yiğit Konur
Founder of

I have access to over 200 digital marketing tools, and I have found that SEOmator is among the best tools when it comes to SEO audits. SEOmator offers incredible features and reports. Not only are they easy to navigate, but they also give you a detailed understanding of what kind of technical issues are affecting your project.

Alexandra Tachalova
Founder of

Seomator offers a robust SEO audit tool that we utilize often at my SEO Agency. The structured data aspect is particularly useful, as well as the great reporting capabilities.

Scott Levy
CEO/Founder Fuel Online

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